Follow the list below to enjoy a fulfilling sex life forever

Low testosterone can mean that you have less sexual drive : Sometimes, when you feel that you are just not in a mood for sex, you like to believe that it is the work pressure. It may also look likely that you are going through a depressive stage in life. maybe you lost a dear one or grappling with serious financial issues. Whatever be the reason, you would like to connect these two things!

The fact however is different :
The stark reality is this. When you are out of stamina or fatigued even at the thought of sex or you want to do something else in its place, there are high chances that you are suffering from low testosterone in your body.

What is testosterone?

The male sexual hormone which is primarily responsible for the biological functioning of the man’s sexual organs is the testosterone. It is one of the main reasons for the sexual arousing of the man and the final culmination in the erection ejaculation and the orgasm. Unlike in males, the female hormones are not the only one responsible for their heightened sexual activities. For the women, it is important that the social and the interpersonal relationship with their partners that also determines the way she gets aroused.

Here are seven easy ways to increase the testosterone levels in the man’s body.

The Lean Mean Machine

Fats across the belly and overweight and obesity ring the death knell to testosterone. Statistics have been alarming where it has been proved with numbers and figures that obese teenagers had more than fifty percent less testosterone in their bodies than the leaner ones.

The study has been comprehensively carried on by researchers across the globe that have categorically come to a conclusion that indeed being fat is testosterone warning sign. The probable answer to this is that the fat cells carry an enzyme in them which goes by the name of ‘aromatase’ which can amongst other things have the ability to convert the male hormone into a female one.

The problem is that once the cycle of obesity sets in, it is the vicious cycle of hormonal imbalance. Nevertheless, it is never ever too late to start and get back into shape and start having enough hormones produced by the body itself naturally rather than going for hormone shots.

Full night’s sleep please

Hit the snooze button of you haven’t yet received your daily dose of eight hours of rest. Scientists believe that when a person does not get eight hours of sleep on a daily basis, the testosterone level is the first thing in the body to start feeling the effect of it. The hormone levels in the first few weeks of less sleep can drop to an alarmingly high rate of 10 to 15 percent!

Avoid Phthalates and Parabens like poison

Scary details about dangerous things found in lotions, shaving creams and perfumes have raised their ugly head and if the effect is felt by one organ it is the testes. This organ is the most affected by such Parabens and other dangerous chemicals. The phthalates are found even in the electronically printed receipt of your favorite stores and also those BPA substances in plastic bottles.

No stress zoned

Do you even have any idea of the wonderful machine that you body is. The body has its own rhythm and every organ functions according to its pre determined role. Now for some reason say like for example acute stress that you take due to work pressure or working long hours into the night can send the body mechanism in a frenzy. The testosterone and other hormones are very sensitive to the body’s reaction to such stress. And thus the entire system can go haywire. Therefore it is recommended that you do some sort of relaxing exercising routine like a brisk walk, meditation or yoga for at least 15 minute in a day.

Include omega 3 fatty acid in your diet

Say yes o fish daily because getting your daily dose of this enzyme is extremely important for the man’s body to create more T hormone and also have super sex life.

Vitamin power

You may consider supplementing your food with such vitamins as they are the ones that are responsible for the perfect functioning of the male sexual organs. Include vitamins A and E and Zinc and selenium.

Bask in the sun!

You must however get at least 15 to 20 minutes of direct sun on you. This will ensure healthy testicles and also let your testosterone levels be normal for the rest of the day.