What we eat today is more of taste and less of nutrients

We know times have changed and with both the partners out of the home and working, it can get a pretty tough business to let the kitchen run smoothly. You love to cook and serve your family the best you can do. But there is only that much energy left in you after a hard day of work to assemble to some ready to eat stuff in the microwave and hit the bed. Or you are a bit fussy and you prefer to but the semi done or the chopped only version and believe that food is food only if cooked at home and in your kitchen.

We must say that the quality of food has suffered over a century

The labels and the packaging will be too attractive and you will also convince yourself about the health bit. But the reality is that health is murdered almost at every meal time at the altar of taste. The packaged food industry has reached great heights and is doing exceptionally well raking in millions of dollars selling their canned and packaged food.Their wares sit lovely on the store shelves inviting the hungry and the fatigued mother to put off her slow cooking skill for the next day and instead grab a box and start laying the table.

Unfortunately, 85 percent of America is on this kind of a diet.

What do you need?

The need of the hour is to supplement your meal with the minerals and the vitamins that you do not give your body because you prefer to eat packaged food rather than raw. Therefore we have come out with supplements of all these vitamins and minerals which can be directly added to their preheated food.

No difference in taste

The addition of the powder will not alter the taste in any way but will increase the vitamins and the minerals in your food. Now please start the meal before it turns too cold!